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Nov 2011
She's in my presence,
she's in my brain,
she's what crowds my thoughts,
and drives me insane.
Sometimes i wish i held back,
for I've fallen in craze,
when she's gone my world's stallin',
when she's there I just gaze.

It cannot be healthy,
it's what I dismay,
it's the danger of loving,
when no heart is to gain.
for when I fall I fall hard,
but that's not absurd,
and when I do I stay long,
try to make her my bird.

Even when it's a dead end,
even if there's none,
even when my hope's down,
I stick around, which is dumb.
'bout me she's not thinking,
In her mind I'm not there,
I'm somewhere in her storage,
to be brought out as a spare.

Every nice guy recieves a duty,
for every girl he hangs around;
Every nice guy pursues the beauty,
who someone has already found.
It's really a sad matter;
It's not what is meant to be,
Seems like I'm stuck trying,
But one day I'll be free.
Written the 11th of May 2011
Written by
William K Chee-awai
   zoey, Rosie Wisniewski and ---
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