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Nov 2015
my favourite colour are your eyes.
blue, with just the right amount of green flecks in them that light up so beautifully when you smile.
how they would trace the shape of my lips and how mine would trace yours.

my favourite shape are your hands.
i could never quite get over the mystery of how perfectly they fit mine,
fingers interlocked.
the roughness of your palm as opposed to the warmth of your skin.

my favourite song are your lips
mouthing the words, "i love you".
how it felt like music dancing in my ears though not a single syllable was said.
how it started up the frantic drumming of my heart, as though trying to match its beat to the rhythm of your lips.

you used to ask me why
i always spelt favourite with a 'u'.
i think i didn't know it then, but i realise now
that these things wouldn't
be my favourite if there was u.
Written by
jrunje  F
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