Nov 2015

"Friends",that's all I am to her:
A boy friend...

She's drop dead gorgeous,
she makes me write love poems all day,
makes me speechless when I see her
and when she says "hi",my day feels complete.

Yes, I love her more than words can tell,
but we're just friends,she is supposed to be my girl friend.
I can confess - but she can say NO,
that will ruin our friendship -
the only thing that keeps me going.

It would mean no more hi's
no more talking to her,
it means no more her.

I'm a realist,not a risk-taker,
chances are she doesn't feel what I feel,
but I know in a distant future
if she was meant to be mine
I would tell her how I feel.

But for now let me keep them in here
in the depths of my heart,safely stored,
from whence they originated.

Dedicated to my friend who gave up- he treasures his friendship with her more.
Nameless Wonder
Written by
Nameless Wonder  I live in my poems
(I live in my poems)   
   Tasia Howard
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