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Nov 2015
im tired of the same thing going over and over. i dont know how to say any thing nice. i just have embrace whats happening to me. i have to see my own misery over and over like a movie that skipps with evry scrach there can be.  i dont know how much longer i can stand this **** you all put on me. you know me to well i have a good heart but i never raised my voice before. maybe its time for me to show all of you my true power in me! so sit the **** down and listen to me. i start to scream all the ******* colors of the rainbow do you see society has broken me and i have put  up with all of its games. so let me tell a stori for a change. all the things put on no is coming out like a tiger or a lion roaring with all its might!!! so every one just shut up and listen to me cause i have every ******* word i had to say but its now my turn to come out of my quiet self and say things for once. i have been quiet for to long so hears what i have to say i want chang to happen  i dont want things to look like a auttomated systems of robotics. i want to run free and not be held captive. i want to speak my mind i want to run up and down a beach just screaming my ****** lungs out that can be. i want to be heard down the streets around 2 am. i want to make a mountian start and avalanch that trapes every little village under 1000 of feet down!
i want to raise hell and bring laughter and fire to my place. i dont want to be silenced for my great crazy mind. i wont let you trap me cause i am a ******* wild animal who will claw your ******* eyes out. so i am breaking away to make the changes for every one to have fun and do insainly messed up crazy dangious things.
i want to start riots to test new ideas. i dont want to be enslaved to a desk and chair in a office building. i want to be the brush that paints the night sky with pretty colors of imanage. you will never catch me cause i cant be silenced from you traping people like animals in rusty cages. ill run free one step a head of all you.

i just want to scream cause im not done fighting for whats right

you cant imprison me you cant silence my voice cause when you drop your guard ill escape and rip all of you apart.

so just listen to me heres my voice screaming my thoughts.
i wont put up with any more crap!!!!!!!!!
my life rantings
Vladimir s Krebs
Written by
Vladimir s Krebs  22/M/Harrisburg Pennsylvania
(22/M/Harrisburg Pennsylvania)   
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