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Nov 2015
babies are birthed from the darkest.
the LOVE of creation, from the darkest.
the light of life from the dark.
without the current in the fluid
the brain would not spark.
in order to stop you
had to start
and so I propose being

these days we could use some
neutrality. some of that prior unity
recognition. the initial condition.
the balanced act.
the grey only looks that way
with the blue sky shining
when the sun comes around.
contrast creates definitions.
provides a canvas for the reflection...

communal disconnections,
normalcy in alone. here,
we are meant to moan and groan
and throughly love the lust,
the bones of this life.
with the I sight the commune
becomes hindsight, the WE
shrinks down to one, alone,

competition to get to a conclusion
just an end of some
pass-time action. choose one or
the other.
each holding its truths,
the necessary rules.

so I try to be a neutral being
standing right on the middle of
I was raised on the coast,
the waves only rising and falling,
crashing, laughing
at the nights fate. each rise
rolling down into the valley, the pit.
giving time its due. then,
surface to the moon and prepare the ride

the neutral being, press upon
the sides
there is only One.
allow the insight to ignite from within,
embrace the ease of reality,
regardless of perception.
be quenched, release.
ALL is One.

an ode to my stars,
I am One, learning to balance.
I thank God I witness.
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