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Nov 2015
Come and wade with me in Lake Midnight,
Where fireflies join the stars,
Twinkling and glowing yellow warm light,
A swirl of reverie from afar.

Come be one with the water, still and sweet.
We are special guests here
To a concert of crickets, love songs they sing,
Which only you and I can hear.

Come dance with me among moon beams
Illuminating Lake Midnight.
Nature knows us very well, it seems,
Binding our hearts ever so tight.

Come and swim beneath the wild willows,
Watching our bodies become tangled
As we play with the midnight minnows,
Our laughter at a wrangle.

Come to Lake Midnight, where love is reborn,
Amends all that is torn, and makes new what is worn.
Daniel Ospina
Written by
Daniel Ospina  Gainesville, FL
(Gainesville, FL)   
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