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Nov 2015
That time was such a year full of excitement.
Sitting in English class writing poems and enlightenment.
Even though I was soft spoken I found myself as a teacher's pet.
After hearing these words you would think I need a vet.
Was the trending topic on every male student's mind wonder if the teacher figured that out yet.

I'd never been one to read my thoughts and writings out loud.
Until she pressured me one time to the class and after said she was proud.
As minor as it seemed, over timed it became major.
Now far as poetry writers and rappers in our graduation class I am called the savior.

Was so anxious to go to class, especially when that project was due.
Was my first piece of poetry work, classmates called me Guru.
The whole time, this teacher knew and said I was destined for success.
Now I have this profile and forming a group called TDS.

Why'd I feel like a teacher's pet?
Because in my head this teacher was my school mom.
Because of her you can type in my name following a dot com.
Even though she helped and was kind and loving to every other student,
I took her kindness, words, and light she shed on me and turning it into a movement.

Sat a couple seats down and smiled at me during graduation.
Every time you spoke to me about my writing you made me feel I could conquer my generation.
I never did much is class, except read what I've been writing every time you would ask.
Knowing to myself you could believe in me and encourage me as a teacher like no other.
Believe it or not, you re-birthed me in my writing form, you're my linguistic and poetry mother.

Sooner than later she left.
Rumors he and her family moved to France.
After a long while I decided to take in your words of consideration and give this a chance.

To make a long story short, you are truly adored and missed.
No longer a kid, I'm grown now, til this day you're appreciated so I had to display this.
Seb Tha Guru
Written by
Seb Tha Guru  25/M/Anonymous
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