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Nov 2015
No throttle
Mind boggled
Emotions bottled

I hate people
I hate everything
I hate everything that has to do with anything
I just want to give up
Tired of playing this game
I feel like a prisoner that's forever burning in flames

          Have faith, there's hope, at the end of the rope...

I want it to end
I can't comprehend
Why I'm here
Explain my existence
What is my purpose or reason
I see my life slowly passing me by like the seasons

          Stay wise, for no one, not even you know what destination lies at the end of the road...

So close to putting an end to this hell
Drinking bottles prescribed, affecting my health
But after all I guess you can say I'm learning to play with the cards I've been dealt
My hollow dark drugged past
Kind of on the edge about this poem
Written by
   OpenWorldView and CGB
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