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Nov 2015
I can feel you in my body
And I can't tell if it's just worry
But I, know that if I could hold your hands in mine
I'll love you for all time, I'd love you cause you're mine
I can feel you in my stomach
I'm sick to death cause of how much this hurts
And I, know that I have to give you up
But I'll keep you on my mind, I'd keep you in my mind
This may just be me being crazy
And trying to keep a piece of him
You may not even exist beyond my dreams
But I can feel you weighing underneath my skin
I hope to god when I'm older
I can spread a part of myself to the world
But it just isn't my time now
I hope you understand that there's just too much **** to hold.
Candy Noire
Written by
Candy Noire  UK
   ---, SS Cheft and SPT
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