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Nov 2015
I remember the way he looked at me
the smell of hay and fresh cut grass
his hands on the small of my back
the way he tipped his hat at me
the steal my breath kind of smile he wore when he saw me.

I remember being the girl he could never forget
being the girl that confused him most
Spanish, Syrian, and Southern.
"I don't get you"
He never had to.
Because he got me.
There was something about what a homegrown Texan boy could do to my heart that made me want him.

I remember how we first met.
I showed up at the barn to de horn our steers.
black skinny jeans and overly accessorized cowboy boots.
He took one look at me and shook his head.

"**** girl, you're not from around here are ya?"

I had hoped it wouldn't be so obvious
blood rushed to my cheeks.

"Texas born and raised, just not technically all caught up on the 'raised' part."

He smiled, and I think I stopped breathing for a second.
He jumped the stall wall he was behind and landed with such grace that just left me in awe.
I drank in the picture of him in that moment.

He had short blonde hair,
crow's feet from face that smiled a lot in the sun.
Blue eyes that shone like he was up to something
And his smile did something to me I just couldn't ignore.

"Name's Taylor"
He extended an arm out to shake my hand
I remember my pathetically delicate hand in his strong grip

"Hi. I'm Sami, sorry if I look absolutely ridiculous, I'm new to FFA..."
I tried to save myself anymore embarrassment.
"Naw, never woulda guessed it.”
He teased.
I just blushed.
His accent was like honey.

I remember how he always watched me with the animals
watched me trade in my skinny jeans for Miss Me's
and my points for square toes.
And soon I wasn't just the city girl pretending to be country anymore.
I was apart of it.

He told me once that even though I wasn't from a Texas family
country was definitely in me.
From the way my toes tapped to Kip Moore
The way I sang free hearted at the Lee Brice concert that summer.
The way I stole his hat and twirled for him in a dress with boots.
He told me he could see the Texas in me
and I knew he was right because I fell in love with this life.

The life where we rode horses for fun
skinny dipped in the ponds behind the pasture
hauled hay and filled feed trays
listened to 99.5 on the radio blaring singing along like no one could hear us.

He was something sweet, a boy who showed me what I wanted in a man later in life.
If the love didn’t feel like a country song, it wasn’t a love for me.

I will always remember how country became apart of me
and the boy who saw me blossom into it.
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