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Nov 2015
Doubled upon me twice and within the same week
As the cloud of death overshadowed over me
I tried to shout but could not speak.
Fleeing for my life as the debris and splinters were flying all around
In the midst of all the destruction
Great hail stones were also crashing down upon the ground.
What is my trespass? What was my sin that thou has so hotly pursued after me?
For upon my heels I felt your holy power and through the matrix, I then exited my ivory tower.
Lying in a cold sweat I'm trembling and I'm shaking
My heart is sore with great pain and is also aching.
Gazing up at the ceiling, I’m searching for the reason why
If I don't learn the interpretation soon
The next time it happens, my silver cord will be loosed and I will die.
As always in need of help I go and I take a look
Thank you Lord for giving me Samson's strength to open up, my five letter book.
For there it was right before my eyes the answer was revealed to me
It has to be the truth for the Lord tells no lies.
You’ve shown me countless visions and many marvelous wonders all along my path
If I turn my sights and away from you now I know I can expect to reap
Your whirlwind wrath.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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