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Nov 2015
Got a car, got a guitar, got a loan for a home where I spend all my days on my own
Since you left, to become a successful T.V. star.
Far, you're so far, I never thought I could bare to have you so far but you are
And I miss, are butts stuck together on the sofa wasting time
Like lovers often do
Watching **** on the T.V, like lovers often do.

This dispair, is so unfair, 'cos you know that I still totally care for you
And for everything, that surrounds you, that concerns you
I walk by myself, I talk to myself, everything I do these days I do by myself
On the shelf, there's a photograph of us walking, and talking on the beach
Wasting time, like lovers often do, holding hands and walking like lovers often do

In sooth, I need to soothe, this uncomfortable truth 'cos what I say I don't want to believe
But relieve, this heart from the dark you're putting me through
Same old see saw, Margery daw, I just want someone to be there to open the door
and not sit on my own on a tabe for two, but share a bottle of wine and a candle with you
Wasting time, like lovers often do
Talk about my day over dinner, like lovers often do.
Written by
John Smile
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