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Nov 2015
Cold; having a very low temperature. What do you expect?
Dark; having no light or less. What do you expect?
You can’t chase the wind nor can’t you say something without words.
You can’t see without your eyes nor can’t you say something without words.

What do you expect? That your head will be underneath your feet?
What do you expect? That your feet will be above your head?
How foolish it could be? But still we think likewise
How wise it could be? NO. It will never be wise.

The way we dream when we sleep
And the way we sleep when we dream
All will be for nothing
All and that it means everything

Look for the path or way and not walk on it?
You can’t question without asking
Having the solution but not solving the problem?
You can’t live without thinking

Say again; say it all out loud
And think again; rethink everything
This is for anyone who reads this
What do you expect?
What do you expect? No, really, what?
Written by
Emilio  Philippines
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