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Nov 2015
She is a mystery
She is.. the greatest form of poetry
She, who would rather hide than be seen
Holds no beginning and knows no end
She comes to life when everything around her appears to be dead
She makes me feel a high, electric, body rush
She creates goosebumps down my spine with just the slightest touch
She dreams
She believes
She is someone you can't decieve
She sees the lies, beneath your eyes
She is someone you can't run from or can't hide
She is the never ending memory that takes refuge inside my mind at night
She is gold
She is light that fills my soul
She is peace that keeps me in control
She is gentle
Her body is a temple
Mounted on the highest pedestal
Without reason to ever feel resentful
When I'm high
When I'm coming down
When I'm feeling sentimental
She is there
She is pure
She is rare
She is someone for whom I will always care
And through it all
She just might
She just maybe
                              *The One
A transition from a previous poem of mine.  'The One'
My greatest unfound hope.
Written by
         Mary Frances, Woody, ---, Jeni, kiro and 11 others
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