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Nov 2015
I'm not crazy.
It's just imperative I let you know.
I enjoy each nanosecond we share.
Value every half, full and over the top smile you shoot my way.

You see I've searched the world.
And you're a gorgeous singularity.
That beaming personality,
brings me to my knees singlehandedly.

You were right when we talked about regret.
Live how you need to - ask for forgiveness later.
So don't hate me now.  

Because I'm telling you, somehow you mean a lot to me.
I like you and I'm probably just another guy you're being too nice to.
But I feel like this chemistry might be more solid than physics.

I'm a realistic person with an emotional soul.
I know me telling you this doesn't change anything in the 'now'.
I respect you far too much to make moves on your loyalty.
Because I haven't seen anything I don't like about you so far.

I know I've found a friend in you.
Someone truly special.
I just know there is potential for so much more.
In another world.

I'll lasso planets together until I find a place next to you once more.
My ever lasting perspective of you.
Whom I totally adore.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Jack Thompson
Written by
Jack Thompson  Australia
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