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Nov 2015
I just want people to know the Key to positive attitude.
Is first of all acceptance of others flaw, none of us are perfect.
Secondly Loving them without condition on this here Love.
It is the very same kind of Love Jesus not only show the sinners.
But the Pharisees as well as everyone else that he met here.
For every one is a work in process while you believe or not.
For even the non-believers , God is working on changing them.
So that in the future some shall accept him as their Savior.
So to gain an Godly Love with an positive attitude here.
The Love comes first then the attitude comes next.
Eddie Starr Love Poetry
Written by
Eddie Starr Love Poetry  Hagerstown Md
(Hagerstown Md)   
       Ja, ---, Traveler, ---, Julie Langlais and 24 others
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