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Nov 2015
I can hear it, can you?
The voice in my head that says; let’s just have one, maybe two
Try as I might, fight, fight, fight
I always give in to the craving
Straight down to the pub, I feel a little strange
I feel dazed, and confused, why am I here?
I feel guilt and I feel shame
It’s not going to happen again
I’ll never touch another drop, after this shot
Last hangover was death
I felt I would die
I felt anxious, I felt crazed
I felt like running away
Why did I drink until dawn the next day?
Now I remember the day I got drunk
It felt like a calling, a job to be done
you’ll drink until you’re happy, don’t answer back
and so I obeyed, until my whole world went black
And here I am again, preparing to drink
standing in line, waiting for service
anticipation, my heart races faster
I know it’s not good, but I just can’t help it
The thought of the sweet liquid, warming my heart
the laughter I’ll share, the fun I will have
then I hear the voice, urging me on
let’s just have one drink; it’s nice to feel nice
No! I hear you this time
It’s over, my friend
I see you this time
You are me, but I am not you
I grab my coat and head for the door
#myvoice #depression #shame #guilt
Poetic Thoughts
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Poetic Thoughts  Depression land
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