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Nov 2015
With the Heavenly Father
Whose rules are claimed by many
But very few follow

The Ultimate Truth

Which many
Are incapable to swallow

Even me
Mixed with
Wanting to enjoy my present being
Being crowned with life for all eternity

Save yourself
Even if the rest decide to stay behind
Follow your soul and your heart
With no consideration of the mind
Where powers collide
Distinguishing the truth from the lies

No use in holding onto your pride
That is not why Jesus Christ died

A chance to overshadow all earthly delights
Offered by a devious serpent
That just isn't worth it

A chance to repent
A chance to be enscripted in The Book of the Lamb

Being with the ones I love
Hoping by the end of time I've done enough

To enter

Pray with me
Be with me
I shall do as you command
It blows my mind
I can't imagine forever being ******

Take my spirit in your hand
Son of Man
Take my spirit in your hand
Hebrews 8:12 "For I will forgive their wickedness, and will remember their sins no more."
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