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Nov 2015
At 3:20PM, I collapse into my bed with my Ipad light blaring.
I daydream of happiness.
Taken away from me by every day people,
Who I was made to learn their names.
Drawers left open with their contents spilling out,
As I stuff my clothes in there,
In an effort to clean up.
It doesn't work.

Jumping onto my bed to avoid the ghouls lurking underneath,
As shadows jump out at me in my mind.
Too afraid to close my eyes,
My insecurities are shown in my eyes to those that look.
These are Night Terrors.
I don't have to be asleep to get them,
It doesnt even have to be night.
When I'm alone, bullied and afraid.
They come.
These are Night Terrors,
That show in the light.
That play in my mind,
Every day, Every night.

Sleeping is stressful,
But as the day progresses, you wish for your bed.
But when you get there, you're wide awake.
Being at School is stressful.
But when you get to your bed, you wish to be there.
But when you're at school, Your will is broken.
Everything is stressful,

When You Get Night Terrors.

That show in the daylight.
In English Class, In High-School. We're currently doing poetry ( Yay! The teacher LOVES mine apparently x3 ) and the latest is 'Free-Verse' So I thought to post it on here and see what you guys think!
Written by
Chiibe-The-Rebel  Australia
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