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Nov 2015
Our love is like some stars in the sky
Which is light years too late to survive
It's already dead as we gaze upon it
Already ended before it begun

Our love will just be like some stars
Nothing but captivating memories
A light that shines in darkest moments
Swallowed by sunrise as it faces reality

If only the clock can be turned
Before an Eve was drawn from you
Before the vows had been exchanged
Before the fruits ripened and was due

I could have been your Eve
The one beside you under the sheets
Who fills the gaps between your fingers
While holding on to the wings of little angels

The thought would make me the happiest being
But now its nothing but a celestial dream
Maybe in another life it will come true
Or in another galaxy... who knows,
      there could be me and you.

Even if I plead to thousand shooting stars
I know my wish of us cannot be done
And never would I want to be the serpent with an apple
Deceiving hearts and making humanity miserable.
Justine Kiss
Written by
Justine Kiss
     ---, ---, Karina Norris-Veirs, Traveler, ryn and 2 others
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