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Nov 2015
If a man whispers peace in a field for the dead
will he be heard or will it be said
that the voice of one man is a lie?

If a man calls out peace from a box in a park
will he be heard or left lost in the dark
with the murmur of madmen and lies?

If a man cries for peace and names Allah or Christ
will he be heard or were they sacrificed
under flag / under bomb / under fire?

If a man offers peace with peace in his heart
will he be heard? Is that how it starts?
Someoneβ€” Anyoneβ€” with peace in their heart!

Will they be heard? Is THIS where it starts?
If it's so, then my friends, we must try.
Againβ€” If it is so, my friends, we must try.
It could as easily be, and more likely, a woman. The poem means "man" in the dictionary definition of a human being of either ***; a person; an individual. If the language fails, the intent does not.
Kevin J Taylor
Written by
Kevin J Taylor  Thataway
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