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Oct 2015
They have more courage than anyone I know
They constantly sacrifice their lives
So one can have wood, homes, floors, fences,
And so many more things
They never once cry or even scream
Though it hurts them, they keep their vows of silence
They give us oxygen freely
Everyday, every minute, every hour
Each day, each breath you take
It is thanks to them,
And yet they never blame you,
Nor say a harsh word
They never judge you or hold a grudge against you
Even though it's their life you have taken
Could you give up your life, so willingly?
Never cry, never utter a word, or hate anybody?
Could you give oxygen to everyone 24/7?
AND give up your life, even though
You're just as helpful living as you are dead?
If not, then those same trees that have laid down their lives
For the very chair you're sitting on, for the very home you live in
Are the best of God's creation amongst us
Let us always try to respect them

Wrote This Today!!! I Love Trees!!
Some Trees Even Give Us Fruit!!
Please Remember This Tribute
The Next Time You See A Tree!!! :) ~~~~<3
Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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