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Oct 2015
Colossal- My self doubt... Built like a colossal monolith of pain and suffering. Blocking my way, it guards the bridge to my success story. How can I pass? Surely no earthly tools can harm this beast of a human flaw. I press my hands against the monolith... Pushing and begging it to move as my eyes sting with the tears of forgotten dreams and wasted youth. Help me... Please, I fall to my knees and look to the blackened skies of my inner being. Colossal... Impossibility to overcome such a task in life. Forward... Forward is where I must go. Change, renewal, revival... It's all beyond the monolith. Love and compassion... The methodical tools I so desperately need but lack to the point of non existence. Someone... Anyone... The monolith blocks my way... But how long until the weathering effect of hope chips away at this colossal beast. Time can only tell.
life creative writing
Joshua Hobbs
Written by
Joshua Hobbs  United States
(United States)   
   Eleasha Forster
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