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Oct 2015
You are my sunshine
As well as my moonshine
With this gaze, intoxicated
so full of love that it can only be translated when demonstrated.
Fascinated by the waves of patience
To you, I'm yours truly dedicated.
Syncopated stains will not extinguish the flames, for we soar hand in hand after leaps of faith.
In each other we've made a safe place.
Putting the om in home lifts the expression on my face, leaving every trace of what was for that sweet, now taste.  
We aid each other
to chase what we crave.  
Exercising limitlessness
Our souls have already been saved.  
Happy that we took a chance to be brave.  
A moment in time is all it took to see your grace.  Crossing paths at last to live in harmony at our own pace

I work for us, not just the monetary means,
That gentleman we encountered had it right last year in New Orleans
Now you lay, head already in dreams.
My Sun and my moon, I still feel your bright beams.  
I have no worries, because we make an unbreakable team.
I'll nuzzle you soon and always be the shoulder on which you can lean.  
The kisses are coming,
just you wait and see.
Thank you for all the times you fixed me up some tea,
and reminded me to breathe.
I now have enough stillness to take on life with ease.
Let's continue to wondrously grow together,
and show time our eternity~

I love you Meghan <3
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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