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Oct 2015
Her hair spills across her shoulders,
Her eyes fry my brain,
Her skin is porcelain, snow white and spotless.

Her moans are soft,
Her cries are saintly,
She writhes beneath me, hot breath like flame.

She says my name,
Now I'm 17 again,
She's copying my science paper again for finals.

It's been 10 years since then,
I've been thinking about her ever since,
I see her at Starbucks and my heart bursts.

We met at a bar,
I recognized her and she pretends that she doesn't know me,
It's only after she finds out about my divorce that she remembers who I am.

The drinks go to my head,
I tell her that I work at the local bank, she tells me that she's between jobs,
She asks to sleep on my couch.

This is all of my high school fantasies,
She is everything I need her to be,
I've never been happier.

She's gone when I wake up,
The money has disappeared from the table,
I had only paid for the night.
Callum K
Written by
Callum K  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
   Saparonia Holliday and cf
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