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Oct 2015
Inside the heart of a predator
Lives a little boy
Who once had Dreams
And Hopes
And Laughter

Someone once announced his birth,
Someone once threw a
Party in honor of his life, someoneΒ Β 
Once told him good job!
Someone once must have
(of course, I'm only assuming)

At what point did
The sweet, glowing, iridescent
Boy transform into the
Dark, murky, violent

What childhood
Nightmare haunted
Him so terribly that it
Had the strength to
Relentlessly push him
Across the
Delicate threshold
From innocent to

Or....was it just

We’ve all been
Dealt some unsavory
Cards in life.

Some of us use our
Unlucky hands as
Weapons of

Some of us use our
Unlucky hands as
Torches, lighting a
Path of Courage and Rebirth
For others to

The predator uses his
Bad luck as a group
Of thugs protecting
His heart.

Yet, within his past
Lives the
Remedy for his
Darkest demons.

All he needs
Is the courage
To face it.

But, predators
Would rather stay
Hidden in the
- erika anne
Erika Soerensen
Written by
Erika Soerensen  California, USA
(California, USA)   
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