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Oct 2015
We're all a part of the same scheme;
We all watch as our months fade,
And reach for the same level of free
When we rest and rot at the grave.
We all act on the same screen;
Love, hate, and regret paths we've paved;
The tears we cry, the blood we bleed,
The aches we feel, they don't change
From one to the next; nor do our dreams
Alter that much--regardless of age or name.
You can be young, old, or somewhere between,
And have a polar tastes of food, books, and games.
Brown eyes, blue eyes, or any shade of green,
You're as good or bad as us all; that won't change,
Because our novel, whose cover may seem
To transform, keeps the same text on the same pages.
Keep the above close, and you'll be set free
From the stuff that has often had us bounded by cages.
Pathogens and old age takes us all eventually,
And an ego should not be allowed to stay
Or halt the spread of love the earth really needs.
Please, just care and love everyday.
A poem about the ego that does not contain the letter 'I'.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
       Regina, ---, Michael Ocampo, JT999, --- and 45 others
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