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Oct 2015
Life's a beach
And then you die;
Your privacy's breached,
But you've nothing to hide.
Their argument's weak
And you still take their side.
Why is it that each
Time they further occupy
Our lives, there's not a peep--
No matter how humongous the lie?
Instead we continue to sleep-
Walk and push revolution aside.
If you care not for secrets to keep,
Don't open your mouth wide;
'Cause you can't have freedom of speech
With nothing to say. Open your eyes.

Where the **** is all the fuss?
They keep track of every detail
And continue to follow us
Around; our footprints leave trails
To every part of us, ranging from our hate and ****;
Every letter in every email;
Every phone call to loved ones and people of trust.
Our whole lives are on sale.
Where the **** is the anger and disgust?
They feel every spot like the blind feel Braille.
Shouldn't we be kicking up dust
Until there's no record or tales
Of our privacy? We must readjust;
We're crawling at a snail's
Pace while they grow more robust.
Ever heard of how Winston and Julia failed?
This piece is about the establishment monitoring everything we do. Personally, I find it horrifying that I can't have some of my deepest and most profound moments with people I love kept between the involved parties. I never signed up to be on the governments TV, so why should I accept the force to do so that's put on me?
Also, I'm sorry for posting pieces that I consider ****; I'm truggling with a heavy block at the moment.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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