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Oct 2015
Honey, honey, honey
I was fine
but you set me on fire and I died
rose up from the ashes, blazing aimlessly, flying far too fast
burning everything I touched as I passed
selkie to phoenix, angel to *****
take me, break me, make me
forget the air that wasn't in my lungs before
toxic, volatile, but I drank it and chased
chained to my maker when he wasn't my mate
I'm dancing with a devil
and my knees won't buckle
this is rough, this is wrong
fighting ***** just to lose
was what I wanted all along
Bare teeth, fresh meat, no sleep
roll up your sleeves and give me everything
you were afraid to give to the ones that were weak
You set me on fire, and I need it
You set me on fire, so feed it
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