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Oct 2015
she was screaming for help on the inside, but smiling out the outside she was like a flower dying but she still looked like she was shining bright she couldnt keep living so she left with a smile on her face. now noone knows how you feel you cant sleep because you have flashbacks even though you didnt see it. you imagine it. you hardly noticed her. but you had conversations with her and know your hurt because of her and you feel like you dont know how to get through it. you put your head down because you dont want to see the world you dont want to see people being happy because you know thats its only going to hurt you a million people say that theyre there but no matter what im always going to feel alone. because noone understands the thoughts that are continuosly going through my head
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   --- and GaryFairy
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