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Oct 2015
We going out
Skin tight dress
Red lipstick
4inch heels
Dj play my favorite song
I wanna forget him tonight

Girls we all do this
Put on the uniform of the night
Make a statement that you’re fine
Single looks good on you, right?
Give the next victim the **** me eyes
Get high off that vibe
Buzzin’ from the liquor  
The memory of his face gets a little hazy
It’s easier to move when you’re numb
Let your body talk
Tell your heart to “shut the **** up”
This is the merry-go-round we never get off
Going from lip-lock to lip-lock
Running from the fire slowly engulfing your skin
Burn marks left in the shape of his fingertips
Up all night trying to escape from the emptiness you call your bed
All it’s got you thinking about how he use to be so tangled up in it
Legs intertwined- two bodies becoming one
Forever reaching newer highs
So now you’re coming down
Just trying to hold on for the night
Pour another drink
Take another shot
Get a little crazy
Find a new ****
Start a new train wreck to add to the chopping block
You always wonder how you end up like this
But never take the time handle your ****
Jumping from one relationship to the next
You’ll never find love like this
Feeling the dude who is just trying to ****
Then turn around and wonder why you have such ****** luck
Maybe it’s time to get it together
Act like someone worth more than this
Forget the dress
Forget the lipstick
Forget the liquor
Feel the pain
and move the **** on
Written by
ThoughtsofaYoungAdult  California
     TedH415, Aazzy and Born
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