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Oct 2015
Who is the world to define mine right or wrong?
I am the one who decides it on my own
The world a crazy place, people so weird
Finding faults everywhere, while hiding in their beard
When you stand for the right,
They will advocate the wrong
Justifying the same
With million excuses in their thong
Nirbhaya *****, they say girl was characterless
Skirts, shorts, boyfriend, night shows - shameless
And inchoate, rightly arousing men to ****
One in coma now a four year old gang *****
Society mum when humanity disgraced???
Where are the people of so called decent family?
Who judge n criticize from hair to lamellae
If smoking kills, why is it not banned??
Beef eaters killed, man eaters praised on the land
Alcohol, marijuana bad for health
While more people die from terrorist attacks
Crores are spent to maintain a terrorist
To a soldier dying for the country, not even lakhs
A rich is a witch flaunting their gold
A poor a leech for things they cannot afford?
Without external beauty a person is a waste?
Your pennyless pocket how shall I grade?
Other’s loss is a righteous act of God?
Yours is a tragedy, unfortunate loss???
And then you have religion & morals
To justify your notions
Right or wrong, judgement filled oceans
I am a free spirit,
Born not to please your beliefs
Enough of hypocrite world I see
Killing and dividing on castes and creeds.
                 © Dr. PRERNA SINGLA, 13 Oct. 2015
The current incidents of toddlers getting gang ***** urged me to write this poem. on one hand where the society blames the victim, raising fingers on her character, her clothes,.. now what they have to say for girls of 2 or 4 or 5 yrs of age who r recently gangraped in delhi and nearby areas??? a muslim killed for eating beef but how can society justify the killing of humanity on mass level??? millions of funds are spent on terrorists but for the soldiers dying for the country why only lakhs?? why discrimination on castes n creeds n religions n race n orientation n colour when nature has made us all the same?? we all need food water air ... our bodies work exactly the same , so why all this hatred when nature doesn't discriminate??
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