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Oct 2015
There are two women who have impacted my life,
the one who saved me,
and the one who ****** me.

The first,
always shone like the sun,
whether it was a brilliant, inspiring light,
or a soft warming, comforting light.
She is truly radiant.
She came to my aid,
not to try and guide me,
but to illuminate my own path that I would design.
As winter approaches, she fades from me,
but still appears everyday.
And I know that,
when summer comes around,
she'll shine even brighter.

The second,
****** me from the moment her and I met.
she sewed seeds in my mind that would grow,
and they would push me towards here.
She's the gardner,
who sows the seeds of curiosity, knowledge and love.
Sometimes I think,
she doesn't realize the impact she has on people.
For me, she planted seeds that would intertwine with hers
and grow close to each other.
But that's all they've done,
yes their stems support each other's,
but one wants to change things,
from just a supporting of each other,
to a caring that goes beyond the surface.
But alas,
I have been ****** to this purgatory,
by these cursed seeds that have rooted themselves in my mind,
during their hibernation in the winter.

So that's it,
the sun and the gardner.
Ben McDermott
Written by
Ben McDermott  Kansas City
(Kansas City)   
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