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Oct 2015
Lizbeth was in town
on the Saturday
when I got off the bus
and she came up and said

thought I'd see you
in town today
as you come
most Saturdays

with your mother
and such
and how are you?
you ok?

I said
trying to see
where my mother'd

gone and looked for her
Lizbeth said
can we go to that cafe
in the high street

and have a coke
or lemonade or something
will your mother mind
me hogging you

it's not as though
I have you all the time
at least I know I don't?
I found my mother

by the bank
and I asked
ok to go with Lizbeth
for a coke at the cafe

yes it's all right
Mum said
I'll get the shopping
and meet you later  

I said
and off she went
and so I walked off

with Lizbeth
and she put her arm
under mine
and hugged me close

and said
I dreamed
of you last night
did you?

I asked
no you wouldn't let me
she said smiling
nothing new there then

she said laughing
I felt her pull me
onto her body
her small ****

brushing against me
when she got close
and she said
I thought I'd wait

for your bus into town
and try get time with you
and I know we can't
make up here and

there's no time to get
you home to my place
for a go at it
because my mother's

there still **** her
but anyway
I can see you
and pretend tonight

when I'm in bed
that we made out there
or maybe imagine us
making out at back

of the cafe
and o
she said laughing
can you imagine that

us two doing it
back there?
I tried not to
tried to see

if there was any
good buns in the cafe
and a coke
and the lady behind

the counter said
yes what would
you like?

Lizbeth said
but he won't
and the lady said
what ?

and I said
2 cokes and 2 iced buns please
and the lady looked
at Lizbeth and thought

God knows what
not that Lizbeth
cared a  hoot
so we got our cokes

and iced buns
and sat in a seat
by the window
and she sat next to me

and her knee
was against mine
warm and soft
and I said

how are things at home?
o the same
she said  
my mother still moans

about the state
of my room
and keeping it tidy
and wearing my dress

or skirt too short
and o
she said
you can't wear that

it shows too much
and she gets me down
with her moans
and her headaches

and anyway let's
not talk of her
let's talk about us
and what we can do

or not do
I know what I'd
like us to do
but well there's

no where
and I said
how's your dad?
o he's ok

he's away as much
as he's home
but there you go
can't have too much

of a good thing
and besides
he doesn't say much
about me or my room

or my dresses or skirts  
being too short
so he's ok
and we drank our cokes

and ate the buns
and her knee pushed
against mine
and I smelt her perfume

and it was arousing
and I thought of my mother
and the shopping
and when to help her

and said
best go soon
my Mother'll need me

Lizbeth said softly
I need you too
but I had to go
a boy and has to do
what a boy has to do.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  72/M/England
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