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Nov 2011
The view from here is quite breathtaking
but suddenly I feel myself falling
I am drifting as the world passes me by
but where am I going?
Just as I start to enjoy it,
there is a violent halt in my journey
I lay in a sea of individuals who look nothing like me
but it’s nice not to be alone
I am content
Just as I gain my composure, I am swept away again
Now I am moving faster than ever before
It is not too long before I plummet to the ground
Again, I am united with others
suddenly it feels like I am being stampeded
The pain fades, I hear laughter, and I am thrown in the air
a gust of wind sends me back on my journey
but I stop worrying and enjoy the ride
I may just be a leaf
But I am beautiful
Krista Lynn
Written by
Krista Lynn
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