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Oct 2015
My name is Michael Ross.
There is no time.
Grab the papers.

I found the pattern.
I found the solution.

Nobody can know.
They are eyeing me with suspicion as beads of sweat decorate my skin.

Don't make eye contact.
Hide the papers.

Don't say anything, don't look, don't look.
I grab my coat too tight.
The harder I grasp, the harder it is to breathe.

The truth is strangling me.

I am leaving this building.
The solution leaves with me.
Nobody can know.
They are eyeing me with suspicion as the pen hits the

Time becomes thick
as the object yelps in pain,
the mocking sound sudden,
breaking the silence once dripping in salvation.

They know.

My heart stops and they all look at me,
eyes growing wide and hungry.

Jeremy understands the new found horror and signals me to run
as they position their bodies the way predators do
when they trigger terror in their

The door is too far.
My legs race against a mob of data hoarding mad men.

I'm almost out.

The sunlight bleeds from under the door.

The outside is cold. It might snow tonight.

My body slams against the exit.


It's locked.
He knew.

I look over my shoulder in horror;
the faces
hunger and
absolute greed;

I am about to die.

My name is Michael Ross.
The lights drilled to the ceiling
are no longer visible.
There is no time.

I found the pattern.
Nobody can know.

I found the solution.

I found the

Written by
Dante  26/Non-binary/Connecticut
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