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Oct 2015
It was dark and she was alone,
She was scared of what was about to come out of the unknown.
The screams only got louder in her head,
As she lay face down in her bed.
She heard a voice telling her to cut,
She listened as she held her eyes shut.
It was the love she felt for her that kept her alive,
Even though she was dying inside.
Her life was nothing but a sick twisted game,
For she was lost with no place to aim.
Her was heart breaking, splitting in two,
For she had no idea what she could do.
She knew the love of her life would never move on,
Knowing her other half would forever be gone.
She thought of her love and thought of her name,
She thought of her mistakes and only had herself to blame.
She was crying as she grabbed her blade,
With every cut her pain began to fade.
She cut deeper and the blood began to gush,
She saw her lover across the room her eyes were shut as she whispered hush.
Her death was no accident she knew she wouldn’t return,
So in hell is where she will burn.
Tori Thornsbrough
Written by
Tori Thornsbrough  17/F/Sedalia Missouri
(17/F/Sedalia Missouri)   
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