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Oct 2015
Iā€™d like to rub my *****
between Emma Harrison's ****
you know, that bird out of Neighbours
her lipstuck mouth beseeches my labours,
and I'd like to shove my ***** in her face
and her to lick me in that place
where my hole stops and my ******* starts
and I'd ease her squeezy legs apart
and with my hand I'd tickle her apex
tandem *** femina ut habendum ***
flesh on flesh, musk of fur
does that mean I love her?
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tandem *** femina ut habendum ***: (transl.) to finally have *** with this woman

Neighbours: an Australian soap opera featuring winsome youth and wholesome folk. Emma Harrison played the character Joanna Hartman in the tv series, and was chosen by Australian ******* as one of the 10 sexiest women in the world.
Gabriel K
Written by
Gabriel K
     ---, Traveler and jackierutherford
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