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Oct 2015
I still think,
Of all the things we did.
Late night roleplay.
Early morning claiming.
Claiming the friendship that,
In its hardship,
Makes life seem worth all of this pain.
It's hard to see why,
There is any gain,
To be this high.
Why did you leave?
Dropped like a leaf.
Blowing in the wind,
Controlled by a social trend.
I can't feel anymore.
It seems to much like a chore.
Just waste away in music.
I miss the way you smiled,
Like.i make you feel like a child.
I miss the noise you make,
As you walked with me.
I could feel the gentle shake,
As the winter air chilled your small face.
And as we kissed,
The world seemed to disappear.....
I had nothing else to fear......
But why couldn't I continue?
Live in this moment?
Just like a menu,
So many choices.......
I was wrong.
I miss you.
I am so empty.
I'm so sorry......
So much depressing lol, sorry, couldn't help it
Written by
   Melanie and Skaidrum
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