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Oct 2015
You know I said I like you and ting for real
hope you're really happy
and I do
I do
all I'm saying's if I had a wish
a dream come true
mine would be
you'd get cancer
d'you know what I mean?
What are you’re leaving why?!
Not painful or disfiguring
you’ll still be hot
nothing like that
but terminal though
You said you were my forever lover
like Jacko
maybe pancreas or spleen?
All I'm asking's a painless but certain death
you know what I mean
I know you do.
I'm just trying to be honest
you gotta Tell her about it everyone knows that
Tell her all your crazy dreams
all I'm saying's for me
I'd be better off dead (you).
Because all that Wishing you the best is nice
and I do
but that's thinking about you;
for me
it's more desirable better if you = dead
I would rather you were in the ground
lesbian or quadriplegic
than watch another man have you;
that's nice isn't it
You are not about the future
you’re about now
the dance of life
all present and ****
but I want forever
let’s do it together.
For me.
Gabriel K
Written by
Gabriel K
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