Oct 2015

I wished for my wish to
Hang onto the edges of your dreams,
Following at a distance
Close enough
For nails to reach skin,
And still notice the deepness of your eyes
When they take in the
Greatness of the galaxy.

I watched you get dressed and take your leave,
The strides taking you
To other planets / away from me.
Toward memories and yearning,
Where the skies are crowded
And time is such that
You could witness celestial rotations.

A loving/lusting curse trails you
Like comet dust; your breath the oxygen bubble
Surrounding your tiny ship
On your return trip,
Perhaps with a companion or with
Pleasant alien critter company,
With tall tales of vast sights and deep terrors, too.

I felt like posting this here.
Esaa Tas
Written by
Esaa Tas  Pop Culture Wasteland
(Pop Culture Wasteland)   
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