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Oct 2015
My heart is beating, slowly but surely.
Just like you asked it to.
It still keeps time;
The metronome of my life.
Two years have almost passed,
Since we last said goodbye,
And somehow,
I'm still here.
I just really wish you were still by my side.

They say you never truly forgive your first real love,
And darling, I've found this true.
Because no matter who I'm with,
Or if I'm searching for warmth in others,
I still find myself rereading the journal of drawings and letters you sent me,
And smiling at the memories we shared.

So, yes, call me overdramatic,
Or selfish or something.
We all can act that way sometimes.
But my metronome heart
Ticks a little bit faster
When I see your face,
Hear your name,
Or read your words.

I apologize for letting us drift this far.

Love always;
Your Bee.
12:16 AM
Sleepless nights tend to become a trend.
Written by
Bee  19/Michigan
   PoeticPresident, X and Angie S
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