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Oct 2015
look in the mirror,
   what do you see?
I see a girl,
   who's forgotten how to breathe.
gaze into those eyes,
   but don't fall to deep.
the depths: unfathomable,
   of all she's tried to keep.
peruse those lips,
   soft and a little bit curious.
they may draw you in,
   stimulating; seductively mysterious.
count her freckles,
   each day's sun-kiss.
wrap her up close,
   don't let her resist.
feel her heart,
   speeding up for you.
each pulse creating a melody,
   humming a song so true.
whisper in her ear,
   all that's on your mind.
be honest with her soul,
   let love be defined.
breath in and out,
   restoring her rhythm.
both hearts beat,
   a harmonious collision.
amanda martinez
Written by
amanda martinez  boulder
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