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Oct 2015
Take my hand then wipe my brow
forgiveness is the key
I'm not sure what I'm doing now
it all feels the same to me

I climbed up to the highest hill
then tripped and flipped and fell
I took a chance on a certain ****
then danced straight into hell

fires burned my frazzled mind
cold winds fanned the flames
I searched for treasure I've yet to find
whilst playing them silly games

sometimes I often lose myself
riding on the crest of a wave
it's not much fun sitting on a shelf
when it's loving that one does crave

perhaps one day I'll get it right
perhaps one day I'll smile
perhaps one day I'll fight the fight
then walk on up the aisle

inside my heart is weeping blood
it's written in my eyes
and as I'm drowning in the mud
I'll drop my weak disguise
Richard Shepherd
Written by
Richard Shepherd
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