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Oct 2015
prison walls enclose sky
darkness sparks pyre
articles get cut out

where rivers empty
into bitter oceans

where mix
morbid metaphors
of narcissism

to test my dead flesh
in vacated premises
condemned to destruction

blade as absent tenant

insert line about cutting here
then murmur teenage angst
over lost boyfriend
lifes meaninglessness etc

add some more weird
unpunctuated lines

oozing like a mediocre
razor ****

no caps even

then arbitrarily bold something
as if you knew what the hell
you were blathering on about

holy band-aid batman

my poetry *****
(does yours ? )
now hit "like" -
you emo-depressive herd animals !

Written by
       Seeker, Marieta Maglas, Poetria, M, rattletaptap and 7 others
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