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Oct 2015
Will you remember me
long after this day has passed..
Long after twilight of your life had last
in a time where your future became your past

Will you recall me
when your day ends
As for once,
We were friends
now we're just known strangers
moving towards different ends

It started
when we did a consensual crime
I took a part of you
You took a part of mine
Letting our fates intertwine

We shared our secrets
We shared our sorrow
We lived and laughed
like there was no tomorrow

but tomorrow came
and it tore us apart
showed us the Misfits
we really are

Till this day I regret
Of that Lie I spoke
your trust that I broke
for it was you who was hurt
but it was I who bled
For every tear you shed
you never turned back
I never did what I must
We just let our bond rust

I thought
what we had was one in many
oh! It was just a perfect irony

We were just chemicals
of an experiment that went wrong
strangers who just happen to come along

With tomorrow's dawn
I will be gone
I wish you to forget me
but if you don't
I just wish to know
How will you remember me?
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