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Oct 2015
How crazy my life is???

At First
I loved you
Like nothing,
You were there all day
Running through my mind
And I have gone through
Trillions of tears
Falling from my eye
All yearning for You...
You never felt my pain
You just ignored
The fact that
You Love me
And said
You never gonna love me

And then
Suddenly one day
You disappeared
From my lonely life
and surprisingly
I didn't cry for you
Instead I consoled my self
That I didn't lose anything
In my life,
And if there's anyone
to lose Because of this,
It's none other than
Deep inside my heart
I secretly hoped
For you to come back to me

And finally
After two months
Of your disappearance
You came back to me,
I didn't knew
What to say or what to do
You were completely
A changed person,
You said that
You are coming
To see me,
Then  I felt that
You really missed me,
You wanted me to choose
The colour of your shirt
That you are going to wear
When you are coming to see me,
Then I felt you need me,
You asked what I want
From you, so that you could buy it
And come when you are coming
To see me,
Then I felt that
You really love me

This is not so you
I knew the person
I loved very well
He had gone
And this same person
Who came back
Was completely different....

If I were the girl
Who loved you crazily
I would have cried
And might have said
Those hurting words
"I love you"
Your ignorance have
Changed me completely
That I don't know
What to do
That you are here
And I don't want
To utter those cupid words
As I'm not ready
For another heart break
I couldn't find any valid piece
Of my heart
The first and the last time
You chartered and chopped it
I really need some advices
Forgotten Heart
Written by
Forgotten Heart  forgotten land
(forgotten land)   
     --- and Forgotten Heart
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