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Oct 2015
I think about you,
I wish I didn't,
I hate myself for what happened,
You make me out to be the villain in your story,
But I’m not,
My heart is breaking,
The hardest thing is looking into your eyes,
And you just walking away,
Life caught up with you,
You stand so tall and mighty,
Yet inside you’re slowly dying,
The pain is unreal,
No one seems to care,
I’m supposed to act fine and **** it up,
But that is not fair,
I wanna be able to grieve,
I didn't just lose my boyfriend,
I lost my best friend,
People think I'm dramatic,
Why is it dramatic to be heartbroken,
I still hurt to this day,
My heart constantly throbs,
Tears stream from my eyes,
As I try not to cry.
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