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Sep 2015
(Geraldine was talking with Frederick.
Geraldine said,)

''I think you need a new community to live; our marriage
Is, somehow, atypical; '' '' you're a paradox; you're afraid
Of the unknown, but these extremes are all you cherish.''
''Life on this ship is an extreme, where we cry to God for aid.''

Frederick said,

''I know the suffering you had endured after losing your
Father hindered your life, but if you want to start overcoming
Your fears, it's helpful to understand that this love can cure
Your woe; '' ''I need a family and this happiness becoming

Geraldine continued,

A part of my life; I want everything to be well done,
And therefore, to avoid the complications. You know me
Well as a husband and you're more responsible than anyone
I've met in my life; '' ''You need harmony, which helps you be

Frederick continued,

Dynamic enough to maintain a cheerful atmosphere
Around me even in extreme situations; you have
An instinct, a sense of premonition and, my dear,
Our child will be dreamy and pensive as you; Yahveh

Frederick continued,

Blessed this marriage; sometimes, it's hard to live with your irony
When you argue and try to influence my final decisions
While exploiting my weaknesses and my love; it's funny
That I'm heedless and confused by my own new illusions.

Frederick continued,

You pay attention very closely to everything that
Happens around us; '' ''I think we were a little unlucky
Because we've started this business with a few money, but
We ensured the protection of life though our ship broke down quickly.

Geraldine continued,

I appreciate that you value the life and pay for
The healing of the employees instead of replacing them.
You are sensitive and good and this is why I love you more.
The child reacts when you're near him; he plays a transparent game.

Geraldine continued,

You succeed precisely due to your dignity; your friends
Do not betray you, but help you a lot; '' ''I like the teamwork
Made of experienced friends, because friendship never ends.
I didn't experience sailing, but this issue I could burke.’’

Geraldine said,

''I think we couldn't avoid this implacable destiny.’’
‘’You must cease to believe in predictions and premonitions
And start to accept the consequence and its brevity
That follows from your reasoning when you want high positions.''

Frederick replied. Geraldine said,

''I start to get angry when someone is lying to me,
But, generally, I'm very much like Maya; '' ''You're quite
Skeptical while needing compelling arguments; to be
Like she means to accept yourself as you are without a fight.

Frederick continued,

You're dramatic and seductive because of your jealousy,
Which is unbearable because of your prejudices
That hurt me; '' ''I let my regret embrace your melancholy.
I flee from danger and complications; '' ''I'm not a Judas.

Replied Frederick.

You don't have the courage to change your life and you want me to
Make an effort to change the destiny of our family.
When you have to cope with bad situations, you prefer to go
Back to the life you had lived though it had meant agony.

Frederick continued,

You could be a victim of an abuse or of a forced marriage.
As a wife, you should respect some unwritten laws that were
Primitive and barbaric when your man looked to discourage.
You need this match, but you don't know the vintage it can confer.''

(…to be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas
Written by
Marieta Maglas
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