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Sep 2015
Dearest pain I’ve loved,
Dearest sorrow I’ve long hugged
Dearest heart for long I’ve stabbed
Dearest brain long enough you’ve been scrubbed

Oh, How do dearest pain say he’s in love
With the girl he keeps on being dumped?
How hast thou dearest pain stay in my room,
When there’s no spot for an extra groom?

How come you can’t stop visiting
My messed up aisles of late spring?
Broken and wasted I am,
Can’t think, can’t go on again

Now, do me a favor dearest pain,
I know I’m stupid, dumb and lame,
But will you leave me please leave me alone even if it will be just for today?
Give me a day off or two to pick myself up and know if I’m bound to stay…

Will You? Will you?
There’s nobody I can run to,
Nobody to hold on to,
No reason to continue

I don’t care if you’d wanna come back,
Or bring new sorrow fully loaded in a big sack
Just do me a favor
For today, let me be the conqueror

If this is a war,
I’ve lost to the world by far
But please my dearest pain
Let me compose myself and wipe my tear’s stain

Sure dearest pain I got your sympathy
I don’t need it, just some other time maybe,
I might be needing your jolly company
Dearest pain I’ve loved ,your one fancy catastrophe

Give me some time my dearest
To gain strength for the war to the fullest,
And when I’ve conquered the world,
Ill show you how my life to me is of some worth…
Shiela Mae Alvior
Written by
Shiela Mae Alvior  far and near
(far and near)   
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